Fiesta Memories.

I took some time to wash and reorganize my Fiesta dishes
while the boys were at school.
I have blogged about them before.
They are just dishes but working with them
and cleaning them evoke so many memories.
 They were spread out on the counter and the boys took interest.
They could not believe how many shades of the same color there were.
And I don't even have much of the latest colors, maybe on piece here and there.
They remind me of my childhood home.
My mama grew up eating on them and wanted only matching dishes
when she got married. 
But, not long after, her parents passed away and she began collecting
them again.  They were not popular when we searched for them in the early 80s.
We would find them for very cheap at thrift and antique stores.
She taught me how to spot them, and then check the marking to ensure
they were the real deal.
We would be giddy to come home with 2 cups or saucers.
My mom displayed her pieces on open shelves 
and while I admire how pretty they looked, I don't desire the dusting duty that comes with that!
I now decorate with these dishes, moving seasonal colors in and out..
and so, an update was in order!


And after, dusted, washed if needed, shined up the glass
and rearranged. 

And I found my great-grandmothers wedding china...put a bug
in Morgan Ann's ear that it would be pretty at a wedding table!

And my favorite is the little reminders that remain 19 years
after my mom has passed...she stored stuff in her Fiesta.
Candles, yarn, you name it (and she knew where it was).
I got a faint whiff of my old dining room.
Love that nostalgia!

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Blake Callahan said...

Grandma Linda would be so proud! It looks great :).