Warm February Saturday

A dead laptop combined with a super full life
had me off track...I had already uploaded these last few posts way back when...
I will try to catch up.
There are times I consider letting the blog go,
but my boys LOVE the blog books I print.  
These are, most certainly, the days we will remember.
 I want to remember them in detail!
We had an unseasonably warm Saturday way back in February.
I'm a little behind, but am certain in was February
because I still have my winter ice skates on the porch
and Sam has on his basketball gear!

The boys took their super hero toys
out on the porch 
and played for almost 2 hours.
I was working around the garage and cleaning the van out.

The days of playing superheros are becoming less.
Being replaced with school work, reading time, TV, some video games (not a ton),
 a little Ipads and of course organized sports.  
I cherish the times they play.

We spent the evening with Greg and Lela and their kiddos.
We usually end up playing horse in their basement,
more memories to cherish.

We love the rodeo, Dylan especially!  He was showing us
broncon bull.  

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