Saturday with the Bombers

Over Mother's Day weekend,
I enjoyed a full weekend with the Joe's Bomber Team!
He had a tourney in Jasper and I was off work, yippee!
I was actually looking forward to sitting at the park all weekend
{the weather was gorgeous, so that helped a ton}
 I packed up the boys and headed to Jasper in the AM 
because DH was farming and headed to meet us later..
but later became questionable because he called me from bed sick.

The boys played fine Saturday but went 1-2
We had enjoyed our new team banner,
Saturday games we wear orange jerseys and gray pants, 
Sundays are championship blue {winky face}

Shout out to our sponsors!

My boys looks tough.

We ate lunch with the team, played some corn hole
and Wings and Rings was the place to go with a team.
We had called ahead and they handled us like pros!

Between games at the park our boys played a game of "tennis" ball with
some boys from an older team, they had a blast.

And then it was time to get Sam back to Loogootee for his 
little league game, plan all along was for Dan to come down
and meet us, watch some of Joe's games and take Sam home
because he helps coach Sam's team....well, he came
and that was about it.  He had to drop Sam off
at his game and call Blake
to come pick Sam up, thank goodness they watched Sam's 
game, fed him and took him back home!
Dan was in bed, severe stomach flu symptoms.
I checked him for ticks, etc, because he had been fishing that week.

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Blake Callahan said...

Joe looks so fierce lol! We were happy to help with Sam! That's what family is for. So glad Dan is finally better!