Mother Son Dance

Joe invited me to a mother son dance.
He had planned it since he got the paper from school.
He wrote me a note that I could not refuse.
Sam had basketball, so it meant Joe and I had all day
Church then we headed to Wendy's for lunch, his choice.
But, I did not complain because he opened my door!

Asked for a selfie, yes sir!

And then we had an afternoon to relax until it was time to go to the dance.
I could have stayed right there...
But, not Mr. Joe.
He had chosen his clothes earlier in the week.
And was proud of how nice we looked.
Seriously, be still my heart.
This boy is a stud.
He has style that was surpasses mine!

It did not take him long to find his buddies from school.
He love dancing the night away with Tye
and Brody.
We moms loved watching, joining in, and taking videos!

And, that night this is how I found him asleep.
Everything stripped off his bed in a pile and on top of that.

What a great memory to cherish.
We had so much fun and really enjoyed spending some individual time together.
What better way can we spend our time than with our children finding out
what makes them tick, what they love, and where they have fun.
We certainly did that this day.

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