VBS for days

I've been working off and on on VBS since early January when we met and picked our
theme, Barnyard Roundup.
We chose this material because it has a focus on bible memory.
Love that.
Kids will learn Psalm 23.
An early count of our registered numbers and moola from CDs

I've had this on my phone so I could refer to it often!

And found this picture along with many others on my pinterest page.
I'm really hoping it all comes together this coming week!

And then we needed to come up with a tshirt design...

We were looking for something without a date so you could wear it awhile!

And I wanted to make something like this for the stage..a farmhouse porch.

DH hung this banner for me, it came free from our kit and we had the letters added locally!

DH and his dad did great with the structure for the stage,
we will put tin on the top for the roof.

I think it will work once we get all the items surrounding it!