Mother's Day Morning!

We woke up to a sunny but chilly day on Mother's Day Sunday,
DH was still sick...struggled all night!
But, the boys wanted to take me to church.
Joe had 3 gifts lined up to give me.
He had a paper about me that I should frame. (his words)
I love his heart, he is so kind and very thoughtful.
And he is loving to create his own style right now.
White knit polo, Christmas Tie, blue jeans, and tennis shoes for the win today.

This was when he told me I was 42?!? 
 Come on Joe, I at least 3 years younger than that.

He also made me a new checkbook cover, which is a favorite gift of mine.
I had to move Sam's to one side to accommodate both!

Best we could do at DH was barely on the couch, lol.
My big boy swings between days where he hugs me so tight I am reminded
of just how big and strong he is becoming and ah, mom, really you want me
to talk to you...let alone hug you?  Today was not a huggy day, ha!

I am so blessed by these two boys.  
They infuse much love and life into me.
They give me purpose.

So thankful to God for the family he knitted specifically for us.

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Blake Callahan said...

How sweet :). Your boys are so lucky to have you as their mama!