Signs of Spring

My camera roll was full of signs of spring.
love that promise of a new season after a long winter.
Since DH and I share a "cloud" I get all of his pics, too. 
I do love this picture, wish he had panned out a bit
because Grandpa Great is driving the gator.
He drives the gator to wherever the action is.  
These boys and their farm toys.

I love the contrast of the bright blue sky against the bare landscape, coming back to life grass,
and trees still bare with no leaves.  

I redid the flowers for mom and dad's grave.
My mom taught me this. 
I remember remaking the worn out flowers for dad's grave {and my grandparents} with her.
Except the ones for fall, they had to be fresh.

I chose some bright pinks and soft pinks to brighten up the faded red and white

Turned out pretty with some handmade love for the summer season!

DH took me to dig up some Easter lillies from the farm.
My neighbor stopped to tell me they won't bloom
if we transplanted them when they were already blooming.
Well shoot, we will give it a try anyway.
These were from the Ol Cropp place across from DH's grandpas.

And the old blue truck from the farm arrived full of mulch
again this year.

We worked hard spreding this pile in the early spring 
before the heat arrives.
 I have discovered I love the work outside pulling weeds
and such, but not spreading mulch when it is super hot!
They didn't have the color we normally use, DH chose this one.
I thought it's rich brown might work.
Turns out it turns to a faded dull yuck when dry.
We aren't very happy with our mulch this year.
Lesson learned!

We also went to a landscape auction at Dinkys one Saturday morning.
We brought home 6 flowering trees.
This place needs some spring color.
They all seem to be doing great, we can't wait for them to bloom in the coming years!
Joe is standing by a flowering cherry down by the creek, beside the driveway.

He is loving climbing trees this year, there are a couple by the pond
that are his favorites.

Little white dogwood by the house and shed

Iris's from my Grandma Marie's house.

Oh, and I made the boys Brown Es for April fools day.
Tee hee.

Coach pitch baseball, our little man playing pitcher