Lifestyle in a screenshot!

A collection of things that were important to me of the last few months...
Screen shots, sometimes messages just speak to me {and others I am sure}.
I usually screenshot them and save for a few days!

Isn't the following true?
So often we rely on others to make us feel special all the time.
The only one who can do this is God!

And I've been working hard on clean eating.
I successfully complete a Whole 30!
It was pretty intense but after the first few days, I was glued.
I have continued eating Whole 30 about 95% of the time.
The hardest part is the planning and prepping.

So Whole 30 is just clean eating.
Protein, Veges, Fruit 
No sugar or dairy or bread.
My family has been supportive
and enjoys some of the food with me!
We've have found some things that DH and I enjoy...
roasted cabbage is a favorite!

And this was so very good and made several meals!

A carb/dairy free breakfast casserole, yum!

This season of life feels like running from one place to the next
It has never bothered me, I look forward to the nights when I can be
the one who runs them to and fro...
I have to rely on others too often for my comfort since I am at work.
I enjoy hearing all about it when to climb back into the car.

Yep, this is truth.
Sometimes the weeks seem so full and out of reach,

And just a reminder that we all fall short sometimes....