Scheduled Saturday!

Is it sad that we had a Saturday off and Joe was so excited that he made a schedule
of events we don't usually get to do, ha?
Nah, I am happy our life is full and we cherish these days as well!

We did much of Joe's schedule
but I squeezed in digging into the VBS box that I had ordered a few weeks earlier.
This was the beginning of an intense few weeks of planning for 
a great Barnyard Theme VBS at our church!

While I did this, this happened...but one day this will disappear
because it happens less and less these days anyway.
Playtime has been replaced with schedules, school, practices, games,
4H, church activities...all things we want our kids to be involved in!

Should I worry that Bunny (the brown bunny) has a spear?
Looks like Curry (the gray bunny) survived the battle
his weapon is a basketball.  

We ran to town to grab some lunch and brought 2 more boys home,
best unplanned day yet!
Rhett and Joe could play for hours( and they could get in trouble, too, but today was good!)

Sam and Reis camped out in the basement playing video games,
but came up to shoot some hoops and play swords.

Fun unplanned Saturday!  Love those relaxing times!