Easter Celebrations!

This picture cracks me up.  We truly enjoy each other at work.
This day was no exception.
Love that.

We at a pitch in to celebrate Easter and last day for our extern!

We found some time to dye Easter eggs.
Will they tell me no, they don't need to do this soon?
I'll soak it up now!

DH has new grill and made us some yummy ribs!

Joe has been begging for a new kitty.
He tried to convince us - I'm telling you, this kid knows how to bargain!
We have a cat that hangs around the house, he won't let us near him though.

Easter Pics were a stretch this year.
NO ONE was in the mood.
I love this peeps, though.

This one looks good

Sam's hand?  Who knows.

We did enjoy a nice Easter Sunrise service at church.
And returned and I locked the boys out for a minute while
I set their baskets out.

Haha, out the window!

He chose his own Easter clothes.  He loved the hat.
He makes it looks good.