Little Hoosiers

I took these sweet boys to IU basketball camp today.
They were excited to go and even more pumped after they met Cody Zeller.
Issac said, I know someone famous now.
Drew said, I already knew him because Kurtis knows him.
Sam said, Yeah

Oh, out of the mouths of babes, it was fun listening to their conversation on the way home.
They were all excited and grateful remembering the fun they had just had.
And we get to go back 3 more times!

They split up by age and it just so happened that Cody was their coach.

The camp was organized well and staffed by IU coaches and players.
The players really encouraged the boys especially during scrimmage time

Coach Crean talked a long time to kids about the importance of eye contact and please and thank you.

Looking forward to 3 more days!