July 4th

Grandpa called and invited us to breakfast at Lakeview.
We hopped in the car and went and when we got there
Joe realized it was where we watched the fireworks from,
Sam said we should have just slept here, LOL.
We enjoyed breakfast with Grandma, Grandpa and Grandpa Great,
then saw Aunt Mary and Uncle Carl before we left!
We came home a messed around home on a project underway in our backyard
 before this crew of hungry girls came, 
so we made them pancakes.

We were in the pool by 10am, the boys didn't join us until later
so we were able to relax the morning away!

And then the boys came out 
and the action began!

Today's swimming adventure was raft surfing!

LOL, we laughed and laughed, oh wait we laughed and laughed
when we got the cold water hose out after our game of chicken,
but I was in the pool for all that fun!

And because she was so much fun playing chicken, squirting the water hose down the boys pants while I held the legs shut ( ha, ha yes we did that and they squealed and asked us to do it over and over again...we have never laughed so hard) and had fun raft surfing..here is her attempt

I did not attempt raft surfing.  My attempt at getting on this float to relax is comedy enough!

We went inside around 2 and took a short nap and headed out again to a fun
pool party with The Memering's (thanks for the invite we had fun!)

So thankful for our freedom and a fun full day to celebrate it!