Big Splash 2012

A couple months ago, I scored a great deal at Big Splash and boy
did we ever enjoy it yesterday and today!
We ate a lunch of leftovers yesterday after church, packed and headed East
to French Lick Water Park.  
DH spent all day and evening with us, then came home late to work today

I was way to busy in the midst of the water action to take many pics there,
but our coupon also had game tokens!
These boys love arcades.
Love arcades, so does the big boy, so mama usually rations the coins!
Below in the fuzzy pic, Joe was not having any help to play
air hockey, so he hoisted himself up on the side and played away!

That is his serious action face!


This car was  big hit and I had to think that soon, this will not be such a hit anymore :{

Our loot was a folding fan, a slap bracelet, and 4 tootsie rolls
and smiles, big smiles

We headed to our room and did this.
Yes, I'm that mom at the hotel

We cleaned up and headed to play cosmic golf

and our very favorite, lazer tag (all part of the great deal).
Oh lazer tag, our family loves you!

They may look sweet, but they pack that 12lb vest and squeeze that trigger like champs!


Number one at lazer tag  No Mercy, DH.

And the fearless mama

It's back to work tomorrow, but wow that was fun!
Great way to start the week~