Last of Tball 2012

Today was our last Tball game for this season.
Last day that I piled the Tball gear so the that boys could find it and make it to the game
since it starts before I can get there from work
These days always bring a little excitement because it will free up our summer schedule for a bit.
But it is the last of the first tball season for Joe and last of Sam's tball games.
I'm a big fan of tball, the boys LOVE it, each team member gets a chance, everyone wins, etc.

I want to remember that Joe did really well this season.
...that he wanted his shirt tucked in.
...that his cleats are a size 11
...that he wore number 4 for his age
...that we bought his first mitt and he chose a blue helmet
...that he often hit daddy's pitches but was just fine if he used the tee
...that his favorite position on the field was pitcher or 3rd base
...that he chased EVERY ball that was hit at the beginning, but by the
end he understood that he fielded the ones that came in his direction
...and that he had to be reminded often to stop playing in the dirt
and watch the game {wink}

I want to remember that Sam improved so much this season.
...that I am glad we left him in tball again to gain some confidence
...that he ran to every practice and game
...that he preferred to wear baseball pants over shorts
...that he wore number 10 because he had the biggest shirt
...that he used the T only two times all year
...that he hit the ball in the air to the "grass" several times
...that his cleats are a size 4.5
...that his favorite position was pitcher
...that he actually went after the balls and stopped some!
...that he still looks at me with that smile to make sure I am watching <3

Josten, Joe, Alex and Hunter

We batted by their number so they could line themselves up and reversed it
every other time, worked like a charm!

LOVE it, I have no explanation.

Oh my I love these faces.  This pictures makes my heart sing!

DH did a great job this season as coach!
He had a lot of great help from other dad's, but I was impressed
with his patience and encouragement for each team member!

Tigers Tball 2012!