Full, Fun Weekend

We received news last Tuesday that my Uncle Mike
{my dad's brother} wasn't doing well and he passed on Tuesday.
My Uncle Mike was a favorite of mine because he
reminded me of my dad.  He was shaped the same
laughed the same and loved his family the same.
We celebrated his life on Saturday, he earned a bronze star
from the Vietnam War and his graveside rites will 
always be engrained in my mind.  The sharp ring of the rifles,
the methodical folding and presentation of the flag.
It was a tribute to his service for our country.
He was also so much more, a husband, dad and grandpa.
Love you Uncle Mike and take a look at this legacy!
Taylor, Allie, Kendall, Brittany, Abbey, Korbin and Ava...

We spent so time Saturday afternoon pressure washing to eaves and porches
of our home.  We had a lot of good help 

I can't resist these precious pics of Joe when he works so
hard that that little tongue comes out to help!  At this point 
he was very sidetracked and was dipping his shoes in and 
out of the water and scrubbing them. Tee Hee

But then the weekend can't be all for work, so we 
rode along with friends as they cut their wheat so early in the season.
We headed here...

We went to get a ride in this beast, and my boys all three of them came out smiling.
I don't understand all the bells and whistles...but Joe kept saying he drove with no hands..
it has auto steer from GPS and computer screens galore...and you thought farmers weren't up on the latest~

We stopped for some fun at the park.
These smiles say so much.

What a completely gorgeous day with beautiful skies, it was cool perfect for a walk.

But then, this little one fell and a skinned knee brought our park visit to a close,
we were headed to find a bandage (according to Joe)

And that could have ended our day, but after some yummy pizza from Bobe's 
we were recharged and invited to play some whiffle ball

We were ready to play when the rains came and these two (dorks) waited here.

And the rain stopped and we paired up and played some family whiffle ball.
We laughed so hard.  Our team was Blake Kurtis, Dan the boys and I and we called ourselves Team Rally. 
Scott, Chris, Blake, Morgan, Cole and Ethan were the other team.  It was chilly and the yard was slick.   We did not win but we did have alot of fun!

And today after church, the Memering's found their way to play at our place.

We swam, played more whiffle ball, basketball, grilled hamburgers and had a lot of fun.
This crew is all boys, and lots of fun!

Another full fun weekend, wouldn't have it any other way!