Trophy for the Best Dad!

Sam knew just what he wanted for his dad for Father's Day.
It would be perfect and nothing else would compare.
He wanted a trophy...I thought the idea might pass
but when June rolled around and Sam reminded me
that June was the month for Father's Day and a trophy 
must be found, we went on our hunt.
We found the trophy store in Jasper had just what we needed.

The store owner loved helping the boys shop and thankfully steered Sam toward
 a more sensible option!  Sam wanted a star and the year and it should say
Happy Father's Day Love Sam and Joe, Joe wanted green.

They had to keep the secret for 5 days {but Joe did not do so good}
but imagine Sam's delight at Daddy's surprise anyway.

We made daddy a special dinner and enjoyed some baseball bakery cookies, yum!

We do have the best dad ever.
He love the boys with all his heart, never tires of caring for them.
He loves the Lord and he loves our family.
So thankful for DH today and everyday!