Antique Show

We saw many things we thought we might need.
But many had left our mind before we even entered the next booth.
We searched the booths for the perfect item to remember
the Antique Show 2012.
Joe really wanted a new belt and buckle,
but he could not settle on the perfect one.

Sam was thrilled with the funnel cake and train display.
DH met us here after he worked this morning
and grandma and grandpa met us there too!
DH, grandpa, and Joe left shortly after we had the most
heavenly fish sandwich to go to some truck pulls

We saw Sam's good buddy Connor.

We settled on a 50 cent dinosaur for Sam, a JD lunch box for Joe
and a new Scentsy warmer for mama (yeah).
The boys had their eyes on some Superman and Batman metal signs
and I sprung for those too.
The Antique show is super nice, very big, and we
 picked a day with perfect weather!