Sleeping with Friends

Joe does not usually "shut down" right away when he goes to bed.  
It's just part of who he is.
He comes out to get a drink
give a hug 
brush teeth a second time
sit with us for 'just a bit'
make sure he knows what he is doing tomorrow
and on and on.
On this particular evening he quietly worked hard
behind his bedroom door to make a space for each of
his precious friends to spend the night..

He drug the suitcases out of the closet, one for green monkey
and one from catapiller so that each would have a bed
and each got a blanket

And beloved Rally was cozy in his sleeping bag 
(that was mine when I was little)

And  I assume that once everyone was tucked in
Joe could sleep well too

He is such a worker, always on the move, right up until bedtime.