Size 5 at 5!

Everyone comments on what a peanut that Joe is, but
he really is growing!  He was 5 in August and wears a 4/5 pant
and a 5 shirt (4 are really too small).  I knew he was getting bigger...
He is the proof!

 Joe - age 4 Little Scholars 2011

Joe - Little Scholars Age 5 -2012
I almost gasp when he nearly touched the sign!  
Love this sweet boy~even if we can't keep him full right now in the 
midst of this growth spurt!



Isa and Kai's mama said...

wow, that was one impressive growth spurt! Look at him grow!

Chelsa said...

holy cow! that picture really shows how much he has grown!!! hope he has a great year!

Jamie A. said...

He's growing like a weed...Olivia is 4 1/2 and can still wear her summer 4's but will def need 5's by winter so they are about on the same track for the age:) She loves Preschool too..she goes Tues & Thurs afternoons w/ Mindy's neice Madison...time is flying way too fast!