A party for Sam

We invited family to one of Sam's favorite restaurants on Monday night 12.22
for a party to celebrate his 9th birthday!
We were thrilled that everyone was able to come!
I thought with busy schedules and being so close to Christmas that some might have plans,
but we had a great group.  Best party to date if you ask me!

An apron and cookbook from grandma.

Sam was very surprised by the NBA 2k15 xbox game
but Joe stole the show declaring that he knew that we bought that
black Friday in Florida, he rambled on and on about it...hilarious.
I told him there was no way he knew beacause he could not keep a secret that well!

I wrapped the game up in clothes, which Sam loathes, tee hee.

Singing to our big nine year old.

And he asked to stay up a few minutes late to put together his St. Louis Cards
legos from Cousin Drew. 

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