Trick or Treat 2014

Halloween was on a Friday this year and was predicted to be super cold 
(and it was, and late when I got off) so we headed out Thurs night.
We had 2 versions of Ninjas a pig and a pumpkin.
Little Miss Anniston Piggie

Our Ninja for Sam
(who decided to dress up on Wednesday night, so mama opened up Pinterest
and got busy rounding up all our black clothes and wrapping a ninja mask from a shirt and cutting ninja blades from a cereal box.  We attached them to a gold sash I had in my closet with Velcro so he could pull them off.  I am sure you are surprised that we had a few toy swords laying around.
Anyway, he was thrilled with the result.  Time well invested!

And my equally pleased Ninja Turtle with the costume that he wanted last year a we talked him into something a little 'less with swords'. 

We clearly gave up that  notion  this year...ha, ha!

And the happy Pumpkin Lane!

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