My Christmas day baby turned nine.
Nine years ago, our baby boy was born in Guatemala
to a selfless mama and God could not have knitted a more perfect plan.
I am so overwhelming proud of this boy
his sweet, naive nature.
Some days I want to put a shell on him to protect him from this world.
He is quiet but introspective.
He is gentle.
He is so very funny.
I love how he notices the details.
I love that he is a builder, an engineer (wants Legos with directions, not free form)
I love his passion for the kitchen, gonna keep encouraging that!
I love how he wants to hang out at home and with mom and dad still.
I love that Joe is his best friend, the one that he plays with (and fights with).
I love most of all being his mom.
I learn a lot from how he approaches life.
  Things that would hurt my feelings, roll right off of him.
We've been blessed with being his parent for nine big years.
Oh imagine what the next nine will bring!
An example of his sweet naive nature:
Dryce: Sam, I have a super hot girlfriend.
Sam: Oh, she must be made of fire.
{serious as a tack, I might add}
And here is the thing, you can't laugh at that, I mean he meant that. Oh my!

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