Fall Party Junior Youth

We had fun having the Junior Youth over from church on Oct 8.
We planned a fall party full of fun.  
This group is special to us because we have a niece and nephew who both hang out in the group.

Planned a hot cocoa bar.  It was a hit - it was ALL gone.
Joe decorated my cheese ball container, love it.

It is my favorite to have a house full.
We grilled hot dogs and had coney sauce, veges, chips and later had doughnuts smores and hot chocolate - simple and fun.

We had a photo scavenger hunt - had to find things on my list and take a picture of/with them.
This was the first stop and I figured out they were looking for a physical clue to pick up despite my description and title on the paper...LOL.

And then, this...the phones were all put down (love that) while they played soccer together in the back yard with homemade goals marked by paper plates.

And back inside for bingo, chocolate and gum for prizes!

And about this time the talk about clowns (big in the news right now) began and they were convinced there was one in the woods by the fire.  Oh the squeals and giggles
Fun group, can't believe that Sam will join this 6-7-8 jr youth group next year.