Nova and a Drive In

We had a fun Saturday a couple weeks ago!
I worked until 3 but Dan was ready to go when he heard it was the Classic Car Cruise 
in Washington!
This screen shot cracks me up, another text from Morgan - all the wedding details!

Joe wanted to catch candy.  So, Grandma joined us and we watched the parade.
Sam, Dan and Grandpa drove the Nova.  

It looked really sweet coming down Main St!
But, had a little electrical issue and needed a tow home.
A super nice man helped get it running again and we made it home.
It is parked until we can get it checked out.
But, we didn't let it spoil the plans.
Drive in Movie at church.
This was a highlight of the year for me.
The night was perfect,
company and snacks were on point.
Kids movie inside
Adult movie outside.
Very fun night.
We watched God's Not Dead 2, streamed thru the radio on a radio channel.  
Great message, kids caught the end of the movie and loved it.