More Fall Memories!

Just some varied moments from this fall that deserved a single photo.

God has designed some glorious sunsets this fall.
And while they never photo quite the same as in real person,
I still try to capture the beauty!
Sam had practice, but Joe got another day in farming with dad.

And - you might notice that Joe has his book with him.
He is a goal setter..and achiever.  His planner came home from school
and Joe had a very specific goal in mind.  
Read if you want to beat Judith.
He had a specific plan in mind including that if he would just spend the time on the bus
reading he could beat Judith..why?
 Because, according to Joe..Judith likes to talk on the bus.
Judith's mom and I have had our chuckles over this competition.
And for record's sake, Judith is very far ahead of Joe - but I would not put anything past Joe!

Grandma made Mr Sam his very own mini pie for Sunday lunch.
You might be able to tell from this genuine smile that it was a big hit.
Sunday afternoon super hero, lego guy brother bonding sort of day.
And a very special gift from Miss Isa. She made Sam a basketball necklace.
He has been very proud of it.

I had a rough issue at work.  Days when we have to do what job is assigned to us but the customer doesn't receive that information well...this was my devotion a few days later.
I must admit it had my mind tied up for a few days!
I'll call it a good year when my mum and my wave petunia are both blooming a coordinate so well in October!