Harvest Homecoming.

Saturday was full of everyday moments that add up to our life!

I gathered these sticks from the yard as inspiration for Miss Morgan's wedding.

Joe had practice at JBA - DH was still in the field so Noah agreed to run
practice  - other coaches were still on fall break.

My summer petunias and fall mum were on point so a picture was in order!

Sam had practice, too. I finished all the laundry - yahoo!
DH sent a text that he thought they may finish up - so the boys and I began to plan harvest homecoming!

We stirred up a chocolate cake with chocolate icing

And we got out the real Fiesta dishes with a little harvest decor (top of the grass from outside, lol)

We had chicken strips and fried potatoes with peppers and onions.

We enjoyed the meal and DH thanked us and then informed us that they did not finish up!
Monday rolled around and he was back out in the field again...I told him I would let his boss (dad) know that we had already had Harvest Homecoming - but alas they did finish Monday.