Fall Update

A few weeks ago we crashed pizza night at Blake and Noah's.  We helped them eat their pizza!  We even scored a gallon of OJ that night that Noah had left over from a christian athlete group he has... fun times.  We got to visit with Morgan and Ethan, too.

Surprised Miss Allison with a sweet tea light ice one morning before work.
Finally scrubbed a Walmart sticker that had been washed and dried on this shirt...
before the shirt became too small.  Seriously, it had been in my laundry room too long.
And, my kids are 10 and 9, really how has this not happened before?
School pics for my all smiles 5th grader
And my handsome (forgot to push his glasses up, but refused retakes) 3rd grader
Caught a storm rolling in
And we had great well checks this year with Dr Ruff.
Joe had a joke for him, we got our flu shots, and he told Joe 5'9" for his height prediction.
He barely fits on that bottom step any longer.  Those sweet shoes, KDs and Joe loves them.
My third grades wears YL shirts, YM shorts and size 3-4 shoes.
And this sweet boy was very brave when it came to his flu shot this year,
much better than past years!  He was told he could reach 6'4".
From the size of his feet right now (size 9.5 mens) - I believe it.  
My 5th grader can wear a youth XL, mostly men's small.