Fall Break 16 - AppleAcres

Our last stop on Fall Break day trips was Apple Acres.
I remember coming here on field trips as a kid. The last time we brought the boys here, we also had the church youth group with us.
The orchard was nearing the end of apple season so golden apples were left for us to pick.
They were in plenty!

Dan becomes headless looking for the best apple!

At this point, I begin telling the boys to put one more apple in the bag
while Dan trails off the path, I'm all like Dan..you need more in your bag - he quickly informed me that we were paying by the pound. 

Love these people.

And then, my fruit eater could not take it any longer.
He took a giant bite.  Silly guy.

Their packaging stations - love the vintage (it has always worked) stations!

And we topped off our visit with an AppleCider Cherry Milkshake -yum.
So refreshing and original - flavor is one of a kind.

A pic for Blake and Noah cause the shakes are their favorite~

He found the samples. Yum.