Snapshots of October...

Sam had to miss that great big rocks lesson I had planned for Sunday school
so I brought it home and we did it during dinner one night.
The boys had not seen it done before,
we talked about our big rocks and how we have to fit them in first.
They loved it.  We ran thru the pouring/placing rocks several times.
They just couldn't believe they would fit if we put them in first.

This was the beginning of October, there was more soccer in the air.
Sam is in green striped shorts.  Sports are hard to photograph.
But, we were there.  Spent much time there - important to document.

Sam has begun a great series of talks from our local officers.  This day was about smoking
and Dan found this on our school's twitter feed.  Sam is on left of photo - apparently SOAKING up the material.  He doesn't not provide much detail but he did come home talking about this visit from officers.

This is common around our house/ it is amazing the apps that DH uses for farming.
Just  a snapshot to remember our dayzzzzz!

We celebrated pharmacy technician day at work.
I arranged for a peanut butter lasagna from Mill Street Grille - reward in a bowl.
It is delicious! 

And our friends at CHC (Country Health Clinic) brought us cinnamon rolls to celebrate pharmacy week, too.  First time ever that a doctors office has brought us something!
I was as pumped with the hand signed greeting as I was with the sweet treats!

Boys and I made pottery over their fall break - picked up this beauty!

More gorgeous fall sunsets.  I saw several this year (Before the time change,grr it is dark now when I get off work) on my way to play practice at church!

God is greater than the mountains and the valleys.

Play practice in the early stages!

Soccer with my goalie, Joe.

And basketball league Sundays.  This group of boys - love their friendship.
They play hard together and work hard together!

My Sunday night routine, request jerseys from my players as they come home,
wash and lay flat to dry.
Love my young LBC ballers.

And this.  LOL