Fall Festival 2016

In October, Joe asked to be a part of the fundraising campaign for the Loogootee City Parks
and the schools.  He would run for the Fall Festival King, the winner determined by who fund-raised the most money.  He and Grandma Jean worked very hard.  One day on fall break, Grandma took Joe to several businesses and he explained his cause and many folks were very generous. I finished by taking Joe to a few more businesses and combined with families' donations; Joe raised $520 dollars.
I was very proud how he explained things to the people he was talking to and even more proud how
EXCITED he was to drop off the money at city hall.  He could not wait after school one day (a volleyball sectional dress up day) to bound in here and drop off his money to the mayor.
And then, we remember the mayor drives his school bus {wink} so he wasn't here.
Gotta love small towns! We were able to leave the money with the secretary, anyway.
She was satisfied to take the money from me, but I had Joe explain who he was and what the money he had was donated for.  It's been more about  the experience of how to introduce your self
and talk to folks than about the contest.
On Friday of the same week, this stud rounded the corner in our bathroom. 
 He was ready for Fall Festival
He looked so very handsome.
The perfect size.  Love him.

We are very proud of you, Joe!

Blake was running the 5K that was combined with the festival.
She stayed to see us arrive.  

We had a great evening of fun.  Tickets were very reasonable 
and the boys wanted to try every game.  

This was a paper airplane station, cute.

Laugh out Loud, throwing toilet paper at the pot.

And then this.  Not just one, but two.
Oh my.  
We were the laughing stock of the fall festival.
And a month later these two goldfish are still going strong.  

It was time for the crowning.

We learned that the fundraising from fall festival had raised over $5,000 - wow!
Joe did not win.  A great experience overall, nonetheless.  
He was happy with his prize bucket.

We purchased a few more tickets when we realized more friends had arrived!

Great times.  We finished the fundraising by writing and hand delivering thank you's to our donors!
Joe was as excited about this step as the rest.