Teaching Gratitude

We collected Operation Christmas Child boxes again this year at church.  
We gathered 260+ boxes, love that this many children will hear the gospel and receive a small package all the way from Cannelburg IN.  The children always carry them up for the church foyer for a prayer over the boxes.  Sam and Joe are on the right side of the picture.  

I adore teaching Sunday School.
I also enjoy Sam's grade.
This age.
This group is fun and interactive and all of them still participate.
I try to keep the lessons (we have material to go from and sometimes I add a twist).
This past Sunday we did an object lesson on gratitude.
It was simple but effective and Sam's balloon is still floating around his room.

I found this table cloth at Michael's and I am SO glad I bought it.
The kids run to the room to color each week until we get started and even my 2 quiet guys were interacting the other day when I arrived!  

Our youth group had a fundraiser with Homemade Apple Pies
and DH bought some extra apples...if we spoiled their lunch this day, it was with apples
not candy!  

This turkey was pretending to be just that!  He is a jokster.

Our lesson was on gratitue and how we have to exercise it just like a muscle,
 the more we fill our day with gratitude, the less time there is for complaints.
We worked in partners each creating our own gratitude balloon.

And we might have had a little balloon war.

Gratitude, apples and coloring on the table.
It was a great Sunday!