LMS Spell Bowl 2016

Sam wanted to join spell bowl again this year.
He REALLY enjoys it.
We took a different approach this year
and allowed him to work thru his 50 words before each practice on his own.
Last year we quizzed him and we think the negative of "wrong, wrong, wrong" didn't work,
so we let him write the words 3 times each and had him pronounce them out loud to us.  
He was more positive about studying the words, they are tough!

Sam was the 3rd speller for the team and he got 4/7 words right.
His team placed 3rd in their division (size of the middle school).
He was pumped. He knew he had spelled more words correctly this year.
And we celebrated with him!

The sea of spellers
Our guy with his signature "are you watching me" glance!

Sam in the back row middle.

Raised hand indicating he got that word right!
I don't remember all of his words..
he missed scheme.
He spelled it skeme.  I can't say that I blame him!

Great job, team!

And he is also doing Student Council this year.  I stole this picture from the LMS twitter feed.
Great group of kids.