Helga and Hilga give GRACE

The group was back together again this year for a funny skit at church.
This group of ladies was like meeting for therapy each week while we practiced our parts in the skit.
Not one of us (well maybe SIL Shannon) signed up to act for a living,
but we all come with willing spirits
this year was as fun and meaningful as ever.

The theme of the women's conference at church this year was GRACE.
What a powerful word and the conference was full of stories of grace,
we provided a comic relief about grace.
Our friend Denise (Franny) was put in the Cannelburg jail
and we all come to help her in her time of need.
I played Helga
My memorable lines included a serious prayer for Franny in which I prayed
We know,Lord, that Franny didn't mean to break the law...
and Shannon(Hilga) buts in with Yes, Lord, at least not today.

And my favorite line...
Hold onto your bloomers and run!
I always end up with a southern drawl
what a hoot we had with this group!

I was also asked to do opening prayer (before I was in costume, wink)

The Friday night run thru

And conference day, opening praise
Helga's dressing room, we are fancy.

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