WB Senior Center Donation.

We were challenged at work this year to give back to our community.
We would choose our recipient and WB would match our earnings up to $500.
We completed the challenge in April reaching a total of $1000 donated to Relay for Life.
and our staff chose the Martin Co Senior Center as our fall donation recipient!

We decided on a mobile bake sale to our WB Washington Location.
Strategically choosing a payday Friday on a chilly fall afternoon, we set out with our bake sale cart!

But first, the baking...

I texted this photo to Dan and told him we were having chips for dinner!

Carmel Puff corn

and chex mix

This customer showed up when he heard that his mom had made cinnamon rolls for our sale.
And Aunt Peggy made a whole bunch on treats and we had none of those left!

We set up a table at Loogootee and received generous donations there.

And loaded and reloaded this cart several times for our friends and coworkers at Washington WB.
They were so generous, we would be happy with any amount...and low and behold
between the two and our pumpkin decorating...we had raised, you guessed it $500.

Friend Nakia left me a note on my van while I was working hard on the bake sale.

And take a look at that!
We were able to make the donation during Birthday Bash at the senior center last week,
what a joy and honor that was.  Those senior citizens were thinking of all sorts of ways to spend the funds!  They were wanting a new sign for out front and to fix the Wii and I heard much discussion!
Proud of my company for placing money back into the community we serve.  These two fundraisers put $2000 back into our community as well as the countless other donations they allow me to make to sports teams, schools, and so many other great causes!

And speaking of work, blessed by a great group.  We had worksgiving on Friday.
I am thankful for this crew.  They keep me sane most days and I see them as much as my family!