Saturday Soccer - Oct 29

The very last weekend in October we finished up soccer.
These two ( Joe and Mason) had competed at the Fall Festival but were teammates today!

Joe had a great game, scoring 2 goals!

The day was on-point.  Seriously, beautiful fall.
It has been warm and sunny.  Jeans and T-shirt weather all fall.
Today (Nov 19 - it is 40, first time this cold all season).

I love this, soccer or dance moves?  With his friend Brianna Eckerle.  Who he, without fail, calls 
Brianna Eckerman because her big sis is Brittany Eckerle (Blake's bestie) and Brittany's fiance is Bryant Ackerman (Blake's cousin) and Joe cannot remember Brianna's last name...
so Eckerman it is!

Sam's group played, too.  I was happy as a lark.
I love getting to go to my kiddos games, no place I would rather be.

And the fish in their new home.

We picked up a bucket of hickory nuts for Uncle Ed.