A November Week!

No, we haven't had enough gyms, we shall spend some time there on a chilly Sunday afternoon.
Truth be told, I love it.  Love instilling the hometown tradition in my boys
and DH and I spent a lot of time in these gyms so they feel familar.
I remember sitting on those bleachers in 4th grade taking a test about basketball.
James Naismith was the creator of the game.
My brother Scott was a Junior at the time a Loogootee Basketball was doing great.  
I remember thinking that those bleachers were SO Tall, they seemed a little shorter last Sunday.
Still very familiar but as I wondered around picking up some trash from Saturday's games, 
I thought it was not as far to the top as I remembered as a child.
Some of the time I helped run the drills and rebound.

I sent this picture to my Stella and Dot rep, Blake Callahan - she had me on point this day!

And this is something we focus on with the boys.

Tuesday was grandparents day at school and Grandma sent me this selfie.
A favorite all time photo for sure.  I love that these grandparents are there for our boys.
LES has not done Grandparent day for several years, so glad they brought it back again!  
I'm also thankful that they meet the grandkids where they are, a selfie?!? Love it.

Our local DQ has been closed for much needed renovation - it reopened on Tuesday.
DH had taken me to doctor so we picked the boys up from school and surprised them with and afterschool cool treat.

Our Fall Festival fish are still going strong, it was Joe's turn to change the water.
Bubbles and Wubbles do brighten our day.
We do not know them apart.

A Novemeber rainbow on the way to Sam's basketball game Tuesday night,
beautiful (of course it was brighter than the iphone captured)

And while I worked yesterday, DH and Sam hung his new (old) headboard.
Our trusty basketball goal crashed last spring, but we wanted to save the backboard
since DH and the boys has painted it together.  Sam wanted it in his room.
I love it.  Sam's name stayed but his train has been removed (sniff) - he said, mom 
you have pictures....

And I sent this list to my guys because they were doing the holiday Wal-mart run for me
while I worked...
I did get the essential items, but the slight hint for jewerly and/or flowers did not work.

Joe is always inventing something...
his latest launcher. From an old Ipad case and my bobby pin.

And I can't forget this coffee date with this gal! 
She had a great idea and I loved every minute...
Love you sweet Blake - you'll probably be the 1st to read this!