Sonic and a Referee

We had some great blue-haired fun Haloween weekend - after mama worked, we got our Haloween on!  And it included blue hair for this guy.
He was pumped.  
And, he looked he had some really great blue hair.

We found the aunts in town and trick or treated at their car!
And, they loved the blue hair, too!

And at cousin Ella and Ryders!

And Grandpa loved Sonic!

We spent the evening at Aunt Christine's for a race party.
Uncle Scott was in North Carolina with his race team and she streamed his
race for us to watch.
We had a great evening- boys had fun building race cars from chocolate treats.

And on Sunday Sam got to go trick or treating with some of his friends.
He came home all smiles and full of stories.
Had a great time.
Mama was glad she ordered that referee shirt ( you know, just in case) because he did not want to dress up.