Gorgeous Fall

It has been a GORGEOUS fall.
Last Thursday was no exception.  Weather forecasts called for a change
so I got out the bike a took a short ride and picked up the mail on the way back.

So, so true.  Love these little reminders

And it was a full moon, so the claims of the brooms standing were everywhere on Facebook.
I knew Joe would eat that up and did he ever.  I know its a hoax
but it was fun nonetheless.  And an old wives tale never hurts!

And when mom is at work...
her kids will get on the roof
and send her a picture
because the situation is our of her control!

And, DH will also send you this.

Fall days beautiful for a little pitching practice

In front of the high school, senior board pic.

Poor Joe after a big cheek (dental work)

Baller for days.

And a little dreary news after years of my Crohn's disease being in remission.
I was diagnosed in 1992 and had major colon surgery in 1998 just after mom died,
I have been faithful on my colonoscopy screening for several years
but this year evidence of disease progression has shown up
and my doc is recommending treatment.  Much to think and pray about.
I am thankful for the years that my Crohn's has been manageable with minimal medication.
We will put much research, thought and prayer into our next steps.
I certainly trust fully in the path God will lead us on!