Freezer Corn Day!

Last Friday was corn day at the Grabers!
Aunt Darla came over with her sharp knife and stainless steel pan.
She has done this a time or two.
The boys are excellent at running the corn cleaning machine.
We were happy to have Grandpa Great there to direct the show.
He got a couple pats of corn after they were cooked,
he approved and we kept on bagging.

Let me just interject here that we have had an excessive amount of sweat bees this year, seriously.
And they were in full force this day.  We didn't have trouble with them, but it has been so unsual.
They just buzz around your face all.the.darn.day.

Joe claimed the corn this year.  We put away 50 quart bags with 3 and 1/2 cups in each!
Sam and Joe made me laugh at this point,
more days than not they are partners in crime.
Sam convinced Joe to sit in the ice water (after the all clear from Grandpa).
They giggled and giggled.  Funny to watch.