Morgan and Ethan are Engaged!

My niece Morgan Ann is now engaged to her best beau Ethan.
I still remember her hearing of her birth as my Freshman year of college was coming to and end!
I spent a lot of time that summer holding that precious baby girl with the softest bald head 
and big blue eyes.  Celebrating yet another sweet milestone with her, so much to look forward to!

A small gift was in order when I heard tale of the day she has been waiting for!

She loves a good craft, so a quick creation was in order

I painted and distressed this ampersand in a favorite color of hers
and added her engagement date.

Big sis is as excited as as the bride!

We are happy to welcome E to the family.
He's been around for a bit, and we've grown pretty fond of the guy.
He can talk any thing cars and computers, so my boys think he is pretty great.

He proposed and some land they just purchased and plan to build on eventually.
Just look at the champagne heart.
Here's to a life time of love and happiness and putting God at the center of your marriage.
{and the wedding planning won't be half bad, either}
We are currently working on the hash tag!!