Boat fishing.

Saturday, DH took the boys fishing for the first time on Boggs.
Big news for these boys.
DH + boys (with life jackets for mama) + boat+ Boggs = Super Day of Fun!
Oh, mama worked.  Might be a better place for her.
DH says I am a mess on the boat, I would be better off if I just get in the water.
I like the water and I like the boat but the rocking of the boat from other people
makes me a total mess. In my defense, last time my babes were just that, babes.
But, from the smiles, they were not worried about mama's fears at all!

They fished from here, there are two tunnels and they did go thru, but
in the right direction

...I think, ha.

I love these boys,
I love that their daddy pours into their lives.
He does.
I pick on him, so.
But he loves these boys something fierce.

I don't think they caught much, only memories.
But, sometimes that is more important than the fish.