Meet the teacher night 2016

Meet the teacher.
The boys bounded into their schools, ready to tackle the new year.
My devotion for that day is perfect for the fears that creep into our minds.
So many of the devotions that I resonate with are ones that I can share with my boys.
Sharing nuggets of God's grace and his presence are so very important for those
times when they learning to be independent.

Sam changes to Loogootee Intermediate School (grades 5-8).
He is mostly with 5th and 6th grade.
His teacher is Mrs. Hart, she taught in 5th grade when Dan and I were there.
She has such a kind and gentle demeanor but expects great behavior
and kids to do their best.
He was very excited to meet his teacher.
She told him we were neighbors, he has been asking about her house now.
And that apple...he enjoyed it, but it finished off a baby tooth that had to
be pulled by the dentist the next day.

He wasn't picky about his teacher, but was very hopeful for a locker with
a combination.  He asked for a combination lock last year for Christmas
so he could practice how to open them.
Turned out, practice made perfect. He knew his combination by heart shortly after
we read it
opened the locker on the first try.

We saw a few buddies and he was sure he was ready for middle school.
First time boys are in different buildings.

On the steps of my old junior high. Love it.

And this boy's teacher is the same for 3rd as his big brother (all 4 years have been this way)
and she is in for a real treat.  Of course, he is ready!

He had no questions, said he would hear people walking upstairs since he
had graduated to the "basement of the school".
He was excited to see his friend Tye back for a couple months
and a couple new students in his class.
He has NOT needed me to walk him in.
I have offered both days since we have been back in session.
I kinda knew the answer, but a mama can dream!