Last Day of Summer

This boy has style that we love.
He often chooses clothes well before the event.
These shoes were must haves when we found them at the store
and I found the socks one day and knew he would love them.

Our fashion man.

Mama had breakfast at an event WB sponsored for Youth First,
an organization that places a social worker in our schools.
We believe in the program greatly.  We intended to FULLY enjoy the last day of summer,
but knew Sam's troublesome tooth needed attention.
His dentist was able to squeeze us in at 1:15...so
we made the best of the time in between.

The boys had been to JumpNJax with grandma and friends before,
but we had not been as a group.
  DH was going to meet up with us after getting litter, 
but another farm job came up so it was the boys and I.

They raced and raced, enjoyed each other, laughed at each other...who was slower
who tripped (and no arguments)

Each got a few coins to waste play games

I have to admit, we all played this one together and it was
worth it.  We guessed cases and laughed and cheered together

Our afternoon was a traumatic dentist visit, no pics needed.
Sam does not like dentist, pain, situations he has never been in before.
and the tooth injured by the apple was a baby tooth that needed pulled.
I was thankful we were able to resolve the issue simply and before school started,
but he was not a grateful.
It's difficult to explain to him that a temporary pain would prevent much pain/issues in the future.
He has a lot of anxiety after the dentist said she needed to pull it.
We prayed together, he was still very anxious but did well.
He earned an afternoon of rest and mama planned the evening meal with soft food in mind!
DH wanted to grill steaks so we cut those pieces super small
enjoyed our back to school meal.

 A photo bomber

 Added mashed potatoes and corn, with special pudding cups for dessert.
 Love love these school kids of ours.  So many prayers for them 
as they enter 5th and 3rd grade.  I am so thankful for a God
that know only hears but anticipates each of their needs as they face
days making decisions independently!