9th Birthday at MiP

Sunday was our favorite kind of Sunday,
morning worship at church with a message about Regret.
I loved the message, we all have Regrets, God is our ultimate freedom in that.
I have reflected much on Regret this week.
I want to live each day that given an opportunity to reflect on a lifetime of those days,
I don't have big regrets.
The best way I know how to do that is invest in those around me
and be present.  Be present for my kids, my husband, myself, my family, my friends, at work for my coworkers and patients - not just show up but be invested in life.
And God gave Joe and I a little quality pool time to begin those reflections.
This is his favorite time to ask about when he was a babe.
What did I like to do?
What did we do in the pool?
What did I do when Sam was gone to preschool?
My first day home from Guatemala? 
They go on and on...I love it. 
He loves memories, he loves blog books, and shutterfly photo albums.
But, back to enjoy the day and preparing to celebrate Big Joe with family.

We relaxed the day away and then got ready for Joe's choice of a dinner at Mi Pueblo
with family.  He might have been as excited about getting dressed for this as he was for skyzone.
I love his style. He likes to pick out clothes and shoes.
His favorite right now, according to him are button shirts.
He loves his shoes telling everyone we know mom got him 4 pairs for school.
(Kinda yes...two pairs for school (boots and tennis shoes), one secondhand, and one in the next size up..and they are all lined up neatly in his room.

Love this guy and that he let me snap his picture.
He loves Joe's birthday as much as Joe - loves getting his present
and helping Joe celebrate and open gifts and build the lego set he picked out {wink}

We are thankful for family that could come to Joe's party.
Grandma made Joe as special birthday baseball cake 
for his 9th year.

We had a big group - Joe has a lot of fans.
He was pumped about the music and the hat and the ice cream.
His reaction was so worth it.

Love these 3, Jaelyn was at Holiday World.

Loved his party, loves his family.
We are so blessed to spend this boy's 9th year with him,
cannot wait to see what it holds.