Our 9 year old.

We have been celebrating Joey D these last few days.
This nine year old is certainly our favorite.
I have a nine and ten year old boy.
How did that happen?
And never in a million years did I see that as my perfect family...but God did.
And was he ever right.
He completed our family with this spunky
country loving fishing boy, adventure seeking, pool jumping,
crazy silly, hard working farmhand, baseball loving boy.
He is the first to help mom with laundry, play legos with Sam
and help dad at the farm.
He loves his grandma and grandpa something fierce.
Has a special place for cousin Blakey, loves spending time with all of his family
and being in the middle of the action.
If you have met Joe, you will not soon forget his sweet, sweet smile.
Blessed to call him ours.

Joe loves all things celebration - after he fell asleep,
the hard kind of sleep because he had just finished Ninja training, lol...
I decorated his bedroom door

Surprised him with this across from his room.
Appears I need a better picture {wink}
It tells him how we have loved him
for 9 years,
468 weeks,
3276 days...
and so on
ending with 
and counting
because we will love you forever.

He woke up to breakfast in bed (but chose to eat in in the living room, special treat)
He requested DQ BandG, his favorite.

Love love love him.

We had a relaxed morning, he did whatever he wanted until
DH, Grandpa and Grandpa Great met us at Dairy Master for lunch 
{I know right, ha}
He got his own pop and ice cream for dessert.

We rode out a summer storm and relaxed by the pool

Aunt Jill stopped by the see the birthday folks, brought us a cake, yum.
She left Drew with us for the afternoon.
Cousin Blakey stopped by to see us, too.

Joe tried out his new boat that he made in Grandpa's wood shop.
It floated along just perfect.

Joe finished up his night with Grandma and Grandpa who took him to dinner
and to chose a present at Walmart.
He came up talking up a storm.

Joe is loving this one celebration a day for several days kind of birthday celebrating, 
don't blame him!!