Salsa Making!

Wednesday was salsa making day!
The tomatoes were ready and Shannon gathered us her collection
of perfect pepper, and onion and some homegrown garlic.
DH, grandma and I used our tomato skinning and chopping skills
to make 18 quarts.  It was a stock pot full
and at days end, it met the taste test approval.
This is my favorite day.
We love the salsa, could use multiple jars a week for sure.
One for snacking and one for whatever we are making
a jar in chili or a casserole.  It is delicious!

Sam was in on much of the action.
He does not like any of the ingredients separately,
but cannot get enough when it is mixed together.

Taking a break from the action

Cooking complete, time for jars

Joe showed up to be a taste tester, as well.

Oh, and there's grandpa.  Sneaky

It is all sealed and ready for the winter.  Perfect.

These guys snuck in a game of chess when we got home.
This boy cannot get enough.  He even made me directions so I could play with him.