First Day of School 2016

And the backpacks were hung from the coat hooks with care...
Boys were sound asleep, so thankful for good sleepers`
But mama found a few things to think about..
but, I had not told Sam where the bathroom or office was at the new school,etc...
he quickly calmed my fears in the morning. He knew all that already!!

Boys were up and out of bed in plenty of time to grab our back to school picture.
Personalities shining in this picture.
Joe had 3 different back to school outfits in mind, Sam said pick me something comfortable, only comfortable will do.
Sam has a willing (but kinda cheesy grin like lets go already) and Joe gives me that genuine smile
oh how I love them so!

Shortly after I got to work, I heard about a bus wreck.  No one was injured thankfully and it was not their bus, but my bus anxiety set in...DH made me feel better because he went to meet the boys
after school and make sure they got off the bus safely.  
Love my school boys!