10 years ago today

So thankful that God's plan far exceed anything we could plan for ourselves.  
10 years ago today, we were at the Guatemalan consulate learning that Sam would be our forever son.
We arrived in Guatemala on 8.16.06 and 2 days later, Sam was forever ours.
So many emotions
so thankful and blessed.

 Sam 8.18.06 in our Marriott Hotel, Guatemala City Guatemala.
Age 7.5 months.

Today we celebrated with Sam's choice.
Tacos at home
a cookie cake.

 It was still a normal day for our 5th grader, so there was homework to be done.

 There was an afternoon snack to be had, and some free time

 And the special dinner, homemade tacos with Doritos shells (sam's choice)
and special candy (sour is the only that will do)

These uploaded in the wrong spot, but I wanted to save the communication.
I sent out a message to our immediate family on Sam's 10 year adoption day...
blessed by this unending support and love.

 10 years with this boy.
How do you put that into words?
Lucky and Blessed
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