September swim

The last of our pool days for this year have passed.
This is our happy, relaxed place for sure.
Soaking up the sun in the cooling waters takes off a world of stressors.
And, I can ask the boys ANY number of questions I want and they will
answer because they are distracted by the ball tossing.  Win win.

But, fallen leaves on the patio are a tell sign that fall is near.
The tall grasses are becoming brown.
And our schedule is fuller, bedtimes earlier due to school.
So we soaked in a bit more summer last Sunday.

Joe's face - he was determined to get that ball.
He's looking stronger and stronger.

Sam sat right here and told me about all things Middle School.
He spilled all he could think of, mama soaked it up.
And this guy came back out from inside armed with a little sunscreen.

Until next summer.