Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay

We caught a glimpse of the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay last Tuesday evening.
 I happened to remember that the torch was going right past Williams Bros. 
It came down 231 and went East towards Shoals on HWY 50,
 I had DH drop the boys off just in time to see it.
We stepped outside to witness a little piece of history.

The torch has quite and entourage. 
As it passed us on a golf cart is was a little camouflaged amongst 
the parade of vehicles surrounding it.
Nonetheless, they boys soaked it all in.
Also, turns out DH had run into the entourage earlier in the day
out on the country roads as it headed thru Daviess County.
He complained bemuse he thought it was an oversize load or something.
Ha, he realized it was the torch when he saw the police motorcycles!

My pics are not much, but the boys watched intently.

Little piece of history.